Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Already Going Hard

The demise of Stylus left me with a tremendous void in terms of writing about pop and country music with overabundant cursing. I’ve tried to fill this hole with drinking and writing for a daily newspaper, and while both of these avenues have been helpful, I still feel like I need an outlet.

So I’m returning to blogging, which I’ve done to a half-assed extent in various places over the past few years. My New Year’s resolution is to use my whole ass this time around.

Nashville and the NBA are two of my chief obsessions. Because I don’t know anyone else who can make that claim this won’t be a collaborative blog. Expect much more about the former (and about popular music in general) than the latter, but since I can’t promise with any degree of fidelity that I won’t frequently lapse into rants about the Charlotte Bobcats or raptures concerning Kobe Bryant I figure it’s best to get that little disclaimer out of the way.

As with all of the legitimate, edited writing I do, I’ll try for my sake and that of anyone reading not to simply pronounce whether a particular record/book/movie sucks withered balls or is greater than the baby Jesus, but rather to pick apart what each of piece of art is attempting to do or say and speculate as to how its intended audience (or any audience) might take it. Hopefully, being forced to engage on the page (erm, screen) with the stuff that lately I’ve only been kicking around inside my own head will help make me a better listener/viewer/reader/writer. And maybe I’ll learn about the value of a nickel and the meaning of Arbor Day along the way.

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